Automatic Induction Servo Motor Faster, Less Noise, And Less Energy

Strong Acceleration Performance

Only takes about 5ms to accelerate from standstill to rated speed

Ultra High Speed Cutting

Max moving speed 1200mm/s
Max cutting speed 900mm/s

High Overload Ability

Ac servo motor
Has the strong ability of overload

Steady Speed

Within the 3000 r/min speed can be rated output torque
Max media width
720mm1350mm1650mmLaser engrave optionNo
Max cutting width610mm1240mm1540mmScratch engraveYes
Max contour cutting width570mm1200mm1500mmMotorStepper
Packing size1000*380*420mm1620*380*420mm1920*380*420mmProcessor memory128MB
Gross18kg39.5kg47.5kgCutting precision+/-0.01mm
Max force2000g2000g2000gRepeat precision0.082mm
db values757575Max moving speed1200mm/s
Number of heads121Max cutting speed1200mm/s
Floor standOptionYesOptionConnector interfaceUSB flash/WIFI(option)/USBcable
Auto contour cutCameraPower<100W
CorelDRAW and AI directlyYesWorking environment+5°C-+35°C
Power supply,V/Hz220/50



Moment Frequency
Characteristics Upgrade

The output torque of the stepper motor decreases with increasing speed. At higher speed, the output torque drops sharply. This limits the maximum working speed of stepper motor to 300~600r/min in general.

Ac servo motor outputs constant torque, within its rated speed limit (generally 2000 or 3000r/min), ac servo motor can always output its rated torque. At speed above its rated speed, ac servo motor outputs constant power.


Capacity Upgrade

Overload capacity upgrade
Stepper motors generally do not have overload capacity
Ac servo motor has a strong overload capacity


Speed Response
Performance Upgrade

The stepper motor takes 200~400ms to accelerate from fully still to working speed (generally hundreds of revolutions per minute).

The AC servo system provides good acceleration performance, capable of accelerating from fully still to its rated speed of 3000r/min in a few ms. This characteristic made ac servo suitable for control applications that require fast start and stop.


Ultra HD Touch Screen
Metal Carriage Head
Blade Holder Placement
Optional Port Plug
Multi-Pressure Wheel
Metal Blade Holder

About this item

Skycut servo motor cutter plotter with real high speed 1200mm/s.
Support automatic contour cutting, Support Interface: RS232, USB2.0, SD card, U disk, can do contour cutting for 2M length images accurately.
Skycut servo motor plotter Can do both word cutting and automatically image red dot contour cutting.