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Production System

Refined Production System: 

Ensuring Superior Quality and Efficient Supply Chain Management for Cutter Machines

At SKYCUT, we prioritize the quality of our production system to guarantee exceptional results. Our Purchasing & Supply Centre is dedicated to maintaining a strict control rate of 5000Dppm (defects per million) to ensure that only the highest quality materials are sourced from our suppliers.
Our Facility Management Centre is equipped with advanced equipment, including assembly lines, with an impressive Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of over 5000 hours and a Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) of below 2 hours. This ensures efficient and reliable operations throughout our manufacturing processes.
In our Purchasing & Supply Centre, we uphold a zero-tolerance policy for unqualified products. We do not allow the entry of unqualified materials, produce any unqualified products, or sell any products that do not meet our stringent quality standards.
Our Plan Storage Centre is meticulously managed to avoid adverse events such as FIFO (First In, First Out) violations, mis-mixes incidents, and short loading events. This guarantees accurate inventory management and prevents any disruptions in the supply chain.
At SKYCUT, we are committed to delivering products of the highest quality, achieved through a robust production system that prioritizes supplier quality, efficient facility management, and strict adherence to quality control standards.

Warehouse management

Efficient Warehouse Management

Ensuring Order and Quality Control

At SKYCUT, we have implemented an advanced three-dimensional warehouse system, designed to optimize space utilization and exceed the capabilities of traditional warehouses. With our unwavering commitment to qualified storage practices, only materials that pass our rigorous inspections are allocated to designated fixed storage positions, ensuring the segregation and integrity of each cutting machine component. Adhering to the principle of "first-in, first-out" and consistent accounts, we prioritize the use of materials based on their entry time, ensuring their applicability and freshness. Furthermore, we conduct regular quality checks to maintain the highest standards of performance and reliability for our cutting plotter machines.

Quality storage

Regular inventory

Storage division

Regional division

First-in First-out

Consistent accounts

Capacity advantages:

Covers An Area Of 12000+ Square Meters
Annual Production Capacity of 650,000 Units+
Core Skilled workers
R&D Staffs
Fixed Assets Worth
RMB 30 Million+

Productivity advantages:


Fast Response

Lead Time For Purchase Order/Order Processing And Production Scheduling - 3 Days

Fast Delivery

Lead Time For Production
And Packaging - 15 Days

Flexible Space

Inspection And Delivery
Time To Port - 2 Days

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Core Objectives

Meet Customer Needs
And Exceed Their Expectations

Development Objectives

Continuous Improvement, Sustainable Operation, To Achieve No Defects